Dictionar Englez Roman


1. Read EVERY Tweet. If you let even one Tweet slip through cracks, you could be miss the secret of the whole universe.

2. Keep track of everyone you retweet because they owe you a favor now.

3. Check to see if your email address book contacts are on Twitter. If…

Afghan President Hamid Karzai’s younger brother, the government’s key powerbroker in the south of the country, was assassinated on Tuesday, depriving NATO of a vital if controversial ally.

The Taliban claimed responsibility for killing Ahmed Wali Karzai in his own home, while a provincial police chief said he was shot dead by the long-serving commander of his family’s personal protection force.

Dictionar Englez Roman

Intai de toate trebuie sa spun ca imi place foarte mult platforma tumblr. Incet incet incep sa ma familiarizez cu ea si descopar lucruri noi, interesante. E foarte dragut, e o placere sa folosesti aceasta platforma.

In al doilea rand o sa va vorbesc mult despre limbi straine, despre limba romana, despre limba engleza in special, sunt un mare amator si detin un dictionar englez roman minunat. Superb!

Sa auzim de bine! Va iubesc!